Re: Good bye AfterStep ??

Steve Ki-Won Lee (
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 16:17:52 -0600 (MDT)

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, tildouf wrote:

> For me, the new AfterStep, since the 1.0, is a new window
> manager. And i hope the developers of AS will continue
> to improve my favorite Window Manager.

Amen to that!!  

Those who have problems with the newer version of AfterStep should really
ask themselves, instead of telling the developers, what it is that they
don't like.  From reading past and especially recent complaints it's clear
it's the ease of configuration issues, or the difference of it from the
older versions and not liking the hierchial structure (I haven't used AS <
1.4.5), and I would say it's just plain stubborness or ignorance that's
preventing them from embracing the constructive changes.  I'm glad I don't
have to use what always amounts to be a big, bloated .steprc file-I have a
friend at school, who uses the old AS with the .steprc and when he sees a
particular setup he likes on my AS and wants to change it, it takes much
longer for him to implement the changes than it took me with my AS. 

Is it really that hard to find the appropriate files to edit?  I'm the
first to concede that I never used AS < 1.4.5 but, I have seen first hand
how much more difficult for someone using .steprc to customize than me. 
Perhaps I wouldn't be so quick to change if I started off using AS from
its inception, using .steprc file;  BUT ask yourselves, if it's the AS WM
itself and its inherent features that you don't like OR whether you're
crying over the petty configuration issues here.  I think the AS
developers are doing a great job and I hope they could keep it up inspite
of all these detractors of minor issues. 

Just ask yourselves, do you like AS for what it is or do you like it for
.steprc?  Of course it's the former!!  Then free yourselves of the
shackles of narrowmindedness and stop bitching!!  If not, then go use WM,