Re: beta1 bugs?

Guylhem Aznar (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 12:18:55 +0200

On Sat, Aug 29, 1998 at 01:16:01PM +0200, Tomas Duewiger wrote:
> I didn't use any of my old 55N6 config files btw. After that AS didn't
> start or it starts with an empty startmenu, when I removed the startmenu
> in ~/G/L/A/n/ it starts, but I can't update it, same with look files.
> I also tried to compile it with the install.script, but nothing changed. 

Bug with AVAILABILITY_CHECK : just fixed it

> Also, the behaviour of the pager seems to be a little bit strange, it
> showed 9 views but only 4 were accessible (wasn't there something like
> that in the past?). But the strange thing was, that I then used the pager
> from the other mashine and it worked, but using that same pager on the
> mashine compiled on, the same behaviour showed up again.

Bug : Pager_NOXPM overwrites Pager : just fixed it

Here are my first patches, David, Mickael, please put them on your FTP sites,
or better: apply them to beta1 and relase it as beta1-1, since many people
don't know what to do with patches.

Here's a changelog :
 o fixed wharf animate
 o fixed pager desks number
 o fixed pager_noxpm
 o fixed lib Makefile
 o fixed compile time warnings in lib/ and src/afterstep
 o fixed changelog

Here's what's left on my personal todo list :

g 28. Add '&' shortcuts to start menu, use number_option name new format
g 20. add a _include_share in any dir from ~/GNUstep/L/A/ to include all
   /usr/share files to current dir without having to cp them
g 22. Audio is broken here
g 32. Debug StayPut / StayOnBack

These patches make beta1 *really* usable, I'm working on other fixes now, but
I'm going hospital, back to my studies, next monday ; so I remind everyone
that now :

 * Ethan Ficher KERNEL is the official one, he releases and versions & subv.
 * Mickael Vitecek APPS and SHARE are offical ones, idem

[As for missing pixmaps, Tomas, do you still have the ones from look.Ostx ?]

I may still make some patches while I've some time left, but I can't swear by

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