Re: Starting Programs automatically

David Mihm (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 06:18:06 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Bill wrote:

! Hi all,
!     This is my first post to the list Im a new linux and afterstep user
! if my questions are stupid or elementartary I hope you'll forgive me.
!     How do I start programs automatically? When Afterstep loads I'd like
! to have xclipboard ICQ and maybe xloadimage with a backround already
! running. my attempts to modify /usr/share/afterstep/autoexec and to
! create an .xinitrc that will do this haven't worked?

	If you used the src to compile and left in the use
.workspace_state, when you close AS just leave only the things you always
want to be started up, running.  I don't use this because you would have
to *always* leave the same programs running everytime you quit AS, as the
.workspace_state is updated with each quit.  You could do a couple of
things here otherwise:
	1) recompile and remove the "use .workspace_state" then add all
the apps you want to run at each start to this file as "Exec app
-options &".
	2) or, comment out the Exec "I" sh ~/G/L/A/.workspace_state & line
in the autoexec file and replace it with your own Exec "I" sh ~/path/start
file.  In this file would be the apps you wish to run (same as if they
were in .xinitrc).
	3) put them before afterstep in .xinitrc with an & at the end,
i.e. myterm -its -options & .

!     Also is there a way to modify the start menu permanently? So far my
! attempts to do this have been over written the next time Afterstep
! starts.

	rpm -e AfterStep (pressumably this is the bastardized Red Hat
version) and get the official source from one of the sites listed on the
w.a.o/Downloads.html page.  Then read the FAQ on how to change the
(start)menu - it's simple.  Otherwise bug Red Hat for documentation on how
to deal with their "easy to use" m4 processing of the (start)menu.

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