Re: Starting Programs automatically

Bill (
Sun, 30 Aug 1998 19:26:39 +0000

>If you want them in AS only, ~/G/L/A/autoexec or /u/s/a/autoexec are okay,
>for other windowmanagers .xinitrc also works. In autoexec you have to do
>something like that:
>        Exec    "I"     exec rxvt &
 >       Exec    "I"     exec xloadimage -onroot picture &

>That works here. I would use that, and .xinitrc for things that should be
>there also in other wm's like xmodmap.

>        2) or, comment out the Exec "I" sh ~/G/L/A/.workspace_state & line
>in the autoexec file and replace it with your own Exec "I" sh ~/path/start
>file.  In this file would be the apps you wish to run (same as if they
>were in .xinitrc).
>        3) put them before afterstep in .xinitrc with an & at the end,
>i.e. myterm -its -options & .

 I am starting ICQ now from autoexec and xclipboard from a file I created
~/G/L/A/.startfile (for some reason xclipboard didn't want to start from
autoexec). Part of my problem was that nothing in autoexec was starting after
the Module "I" Wharf line maybe because I remmed out everything in Wharf except
the desk 0 pager module, which now starts in the lower left corner. I didn't
find a menu -quit -update option in the startmenu.  Anyway, problem mostly
solved Thanks!!