Re: Core dumps...

Tomas Duewiger (
30 Aug 1998 19:19:24 +0200

Vasileios Lourdas <> writes:

> I successfuly installed beta1. The problem is that whenever i try to
> update my start menu, my feel and look or both, AfterStep exits and dumps
> core, some 3.5mb... Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Yes, posted yesterday.

>  The error i get
> from the output in the console is : ----- AfterStep: internal error
>       Request 46, Error 7
>       EventType: 5 Creating
> /root/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/non-configurable/startmenu ... done
> waiting for X server to shut down ----- As you can see, it says that the
> menu updated successfully... But why the exit from X and the core?
> Another thing is : how do i get rid of the 3x3 screens of each desktop? I
> can't also click on them... I looked the pager file, but didn't find
> anything...

If you still got the compiled sources, copy the `Pager' binary from the
src/Pager directory to /usr/local/bin/ to me it seems like the make
install command installs the Pager_noxpm binary, or it strips down
something important ;-) Here it works after that procedure.

>  Last thing : how do i enable the little icons in the start
> menu?

Somewhere in the look files:
MenuMiniPixmaps 1


Tomas Duewiger