AfterStep Error Log

Doug Alcorn (
30 Aug 1998 17:48:27 -0400

This should be an easy question.  I am starting afterstep from xdm.
Run level 5 is my default.  I have also recently upgraded to 1.5pre9
with "all" the patches (eight, I think).

I left my box on overnight last night.  Today, I came in to find the
xdm login (I left myself logged into my box).  I then logged back in
and had to kill a few processes (mostly Tcl/Tk applications; maybe

I had the X session die a couple of times on me while doing that.  I
have no idea what caused it.  The only thing I can speculate on is
that Tk did something ugly with the window manager.  Anyway, I don't
have any idea where to go looking for error messages.  Is there
someway, somewhere, somehow that I can capture AS error messages?  I
also don't like it when I have problems with AS launched applications
that don't work (either normal apps or modules) and I can't see an
error message as to why it won't start.

 (__) Doug Alcorn 
 oo ) (Fledgling XEmacs User)