Re: A sincere goodbye to AfterStep (for the nth time)

David Mihm (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 02:11:02 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Ewan Dunbar wrote:

! A message to the developers:
! AfterStep just causes a lot of hassle. All the configuration files, that
! stupid hierarchy that people can turn off, but don't generally care to. I
! don't like all that. I _always_ end up running back to fvwm (1) because

	I have debated about responding to this, but can hold off no
longer. One must think about *nix in general.  Are the configuration files
for setting up, running and maintaining *nix all in one file?  I think
not. Is the help/FAQ system in one big file?  I think not.  AfterStep is
moving to a much cleaner approach and much more managable system for
configuration.  This breakdown will make it easier to write GUI based
configuration utils to "edit" the look/feel of the window manager (as the 
asconf is under devel to do as I type).  Furthermore, most current
(configurable) window managers utilize this same kind of configuration
strategy, albeit tilted to their own idea of gnome/GNUstep compliance.

	This list is not to complain about the new movement AfterStep has
taken, nor do the majority of subscribers wish to hear moaning about how
one person doesn't like the direction taken.  All criticism is moot unless
followed by a suggestion or solution.  The solution is not for everyone to
return to AS 1.0 .  I would suggest that those happy with winblows 95
continue to use it and not complain here about how AfterStep 1.0 sucks;
those happy with AfterStep 1.0 (classic) continue to use it and not
complain that AS 1.3+ sucks; and that those using 1.3+ ignore these people
whining about the best damn window manager there is - mostly maintain now
by one single person: our hero - Guylhem!

	One furthur point, if you can code, please help the AfterStep
movement by contributing your time and effort in creating a rock solid
piece of fine art (and let Guylhem get some rest).

Thank you for you time, please close this thread (flames can be directed
to me personally, as well as any other type of response).	
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