A response to myself for the Nth time? :)

Craig Maloney (craig@ic.net)
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 06:55:11 -0400 (EDT)

A little clarification on what I found installing AS 1.>0.

The first time I loaded up 1.4.x was shocking. The defaults were garish
(no offense, it's just my design tastes coming through) and I didn't know
where to begin to start configuring things. It felt like I was being
overwhealmed before I got out of the starting gate. This wasn't going to
be tweaking some NextSTEP lookin OS, this was like trying to dissect an
enlightenment theme. The perceived complexity has kept me away. If the
developers wanted to issue out a tamer default theme (something like a
default NextSTEP theme), I'm certain I would try it again. As it stood, I
didn't know whether to begin with the desktops, the wharf, or the windows

Is there a .steprc to ~/GNUStep/Afterstep conversion utility? 

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