Re: A response to myself for the Nth time? :)

Michael Johnson (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 17:13:16 -0700 (PDT)

> If you can't be bothered to Read The Fine Material avaialable for your
> programs, you should go back to some place where they hold your hand and
> tell you that everything will be all right, so long as you do things as
> they want you to.  I have no interest in keeping up UNIX's famed cryptic
> nature for its own sake, but the price of real power and flexibility is a
> little bit of learning.  If one cannot even be bothered to read some few
> pages of documentation -- the README is only 8 screens long! -- one
> deserves no sympathy at all.
> A.
> Andrew Sullivan
Um...some people claim they _do_ RTFM and still have problems. I think the
docs are fine, for people that are used to going through the process of
mixing what they can find _IN_ the docs with a little instinct,
initiative, and common sense. User Friendly nowadays is a M$/MAC
inheritence that seems to be based on the concept of guessing how to make
things more intuitive as opposed to giving more detailed documentation. 
People are only doing what they are conditioned to do. People want and
expect, rightly or wrongly, intuitive application interfaces and when they
get it they become frustrated with the application/developers regardless
of how good/bad or whatever the documentation might seem to those who
write it or use it with great effect. 

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