Re: A response to myself for the Nth time? :)

J.D. Jordan (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 20:32:08 -0400

At 05:13 PM 8/5/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Um...some people claim they _do_ RTFM and still have problems. I think the
>docs are fine, for people that are used to going through the process of
>mixing what they can find _IN_ the docs with a little instinct,
>initiative, and common sense. User Friendly nowadays is a M$/MAC
>inheritence that seems to be based on the concept of guessing how to make
>things more intuitive as opposed to giving more detailed documentation. 
>People are only doing what they are conditioned to do. People want and
>expect, rightly or wrongly, intuitive application interfaces and when they
>get it they become frustrated with the application/developers regardless
>of how good/bad or whatever the documentation might seem to those who
>write it or use it with great effect. 
> -Michael    

I dunno how much more intuitive you can get then a file called WHARF edits
the wharf, and a file called PAGER is used to edit what the pager looks
like, etc etc...