Re: Good bye AfterStep ??

Jan Sacharuk (
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 08:51:34 -0600 (MDT)

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Steve Ki-Won Lee wrote:

@>On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, tildouf wrote:
@>> For me, the new AfterStep, since the 1.0, is a new window
@>> manager. And i hope the developers of AS will continue
@>> to improve my favorite Window Manager.
@>Amen to that!!  
@>Those who have problems with the newer version of AfterStep should really
@>ask themselves, instead of telling the developers, what it is that they
@>don't like.  From reading past and especially recent complaints it's clear
@>it's the ease of configuration issues, or the difference of it from the
@>older versions and not liking the hierchial structure (I haven't used AS <
@>1.4.5), and I would say it's just plain stubborness or ignorance that's
@>preventing them from embracing the constructive changes.  I'm glad I don't
@>have to use what always amounts to be a big, bloated .steprc file-I have a
@>friend at school, who uses the old AS with the .steprc and when he sees a
@>particular setup he likes on my AS and wants to change it, it takes much
@>longer for him to implement the changes than it took me with my AS. 

Then your friend probably has no idea how to set up a file so that
it's readable and partitioned intelligently. I rarely hear people
complain about how they have to edit files with tonnes and tonnes of
C code in them, as long as it's well documented and the functions are
placed intelligently. It's really not that hard.

@>Is it really that hard to find the appropriate files to edit?  I'm

No, not really. But it seems a little ridiculous to have to go through
3 levels of directories to get to 1 file that changes 1 thing.

@>first to concede that I never used AS < 1.4.5 but, I have seen first hand
@>how much more difficult for someone using .steprc to customize than

That's interesting. Isn't there *more* stuff for you to change, now?
When the new looks and feels sections were added, I felt that it was a
random bloat, personally. I don't feel the need to change the way my
desktop looks 4 times a day. Why should I have menus and files and
stuff to change that? If I really wanted to, I'd set it up, and have a
little alias in my .bashrc so that it would backup my old .steprc and
place the new one in, and then restart the window manager.

@>Perhaps I wouldn't be so quick to change if I started off using AS from
@>its inception, using .steprc file;  BUT ask yourselves, if it's the AS WM
@>itself and its inherent features that you don't like OR whether you're
@>crying over the petty configuration issues here.  I think the AS
@>developers are doing a great job and I hope they could keep it up inspite
@>of all these detractors of minor issues. 

It's AS itself, now. I feel, personally, that it's gotten to the
feature bloat stage. It took me a while to get *rid* of all the things
that I didn't want, and it took some searching to do, since I had to
delete and modify files that the man pages say not to delete or

@>Just ask yourselves, do you like AS for what it is or do you like it for
@>.steprc?  Of course it's the former!!  Then free yourselves of the
@>shackles of narrowmindedness and stop bitching!!  If not, then go use WM,

E? E is about a million times more complex than AS. I'm on the
development list. The problems are interesting.
I like AS 1.0 for AS. It's simple, small, easy to configure, and has
enough functionality to keep me happy. It looks nice after I take
20minutes to set it up, and being the type of person that I am, it's
easy to change anything that I don't like. 
The direction that AS is moving sorta reminds me of E, without the
fundamental code rewrite. Don't get me wrong, I think the developers
are great. I like that they're keeping the WM updated and alive. I
like the fact that there's a list for the WM even if it does attract
people like you that are pompous enough to call me 'narrowminded' and
tell me to 'stop bitching' simply because I like an old version
However, until such time as I determine that AS has a feature that I
absolutely can't live without (unlikely at this point...I still use
Tab on occasion; not as pretty, but a hell of a lot smaller and
faster..), I'm sticking to 1.0.

Get off your high (DEAD) horse, pal.

Jan Sacharuk

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