Re: Good bye AfterStep ??
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 12:03:15 -0400

In <Pine.SOL.3.96.980805083735.16314A-100000@obed-le0>, on 08/05/98 
   at 08:51 AM, Jan Sacharuk <> said:

>On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Steve Ki-Won Lee wrote:

>Then your friend probably has no idea how to set up a file so that it's
>readable and partitioned intelligently. I rarely hear people complain
>about how they have to edit files with tonnes and tonnes of C code in
>them, as long as it's well documented and the functions are placed
>intelligently. It's really not that hard.

>No, not really. But it seems a little ridiculous to have to go through 3
>levels of directories to get to 1 file that changes 1 thing.

I think this is a point were almost everyone has a point in common. They
should have put it all in a ~/Afterstep directory and not that stupid
~/G/L/A directory.

>That's interesting. Isn't there *more* stuff for you to change, now? When
>the new looks and feels sections were added, I felt that it was a random
>bloat, personally. I don't feel the need to change the way my desktop
>looks 4 times a day. Why should I have menus and files and stuff to
>change that? If I really wanted to, I'd set it up, and have a little
>alias in my .bashrc so that it would backup my old .steprc and place the
>new one in, and then restart the window manager.

Two things. Yes, this about changing may be of no use, .... but.... every
time someone gives me a me (personal) look.xxxxx I don't have to configure
me old look file I just put it in that stupid directory branch, and I see
how it looks easily. Then I can take the features I think are interesting
from the file this friend gave me. Very good for beginers. And, you can
still use your old .steprc file, so what are you talking about?

>E? E is about a million times more complex than AS. I'm on the
>development list. The problems are interesting.
>I like AS 1.0 for AS. It's simple, small, easy to configure, and has
>enough functionality to keep me happy. It looks nice after I take
>20minutes to set it up, and being the type of person that I am, it's easy
>to change anything that I don't like. 
>The direction that AS is moving sorta reminds me of E, without the
>fundamental code rewrite. Don't get me wrong, I think the developers are
>great. I like that they're keeping the WM updated and alive. I like the
>fact that there's a list for the WM even if it does attract people like
>you that are pompous enough to call me 'narrowminded' and tell me to
>'stop bitching' simply because I like an old version better.
>However, until such time as I determine that AS has a feature that I
>absolutely can't live without (unlikely at this point...I still use Tab
>on occasion; not as pretty, but a hell of a lot smaller and faster..),
>I'm sticking to 1.0.

I think we are not here to see which is the best WM.  And I also think
this is getting a bit to agresive. All this stuff about "the dead hourse",
come on stop irritating one another. If someone wants to use AS 1.0, thats
great. But don't f*ck with AS 1.4.5, cause I use it and I like it.

>Get off your high (DEAD) horse, pal.

>Jan Sacharuk

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