AS1.5beta3 RPMS up...

Michael K. Neylon (
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 11:06:18 -0400

Ok, after some twiddling, I've gotten RPMS for RH5.1 up at my site:

No major problems here.  Note: the base.8bpp is not properly constructed
in the default distribution, and I had to patch for that, but this
otherwise compiles 'clean' on my system.

I've also attempted to package the Apps into another package, however,
the asdm creates conflicts with the standard XFree libs, and thus, I'm 
very hesistant about saying that this is the complete package.  Thus,
I'm only releasing the src.rpm for this, in hopes that someone with a 
bit better RPM building skill can aid me in getting around this problem.
That SRPM can be found

Note to the developers that the install of asdm is a major headache in
terms of relocatable package design.  While the other apps are easy
to redirect, I had to play with many enviornment variables and patch
yet another file to get this to install in places that I wanted it installed.
(Thus, it totally ingored the ./configure script).  

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