Building beta3 ....

Mehul Sanghvi (
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 19:50:30 -0400 (EDT)


    I downloaded beta3 from adn tried to build it on
    HP-UX 9.01 and Irix 5.2.  Both times I got pretty much the same results
    with regards to configure.h

HP-UX 9.01
configure.h:  line 19:  #define NOXPM  /*  this happens even though I have
                                           given configure the --with-xpm=yes
                                           option as well the the xpm include
                                           and library options
              line 20:  #define        /* just an empty define.  should be
                                          about JPEG
              line 21:  #define        /* just an empty define.  should be
                                          about SHAPE
I go ahead and compile anyways.  Here are some of the errors I am getting ...
I have explicitly provided the paths for the includes and libraries for X11 to
configure and also done --with-x=yes

make[1]: Entering directory `/rtr/mehul/Projects/afterstep/1.5beta3/AfterStep-1.5beta3/lib'
gcc -Wall -O6    -c balloon.c
                |-> missing -I and -L for paths to X11 includes and libraries

compilation failes obviously.

Similar situation for things in src/Script/Widgets as well.

Then the fact that HPSUX-9.01 doesnt have Xmu and libXmu is a problem.  But that has nothing to do with configure or AfterStep (yet).

Irix 5.2 and Digital UNIX 4.0A

configure.h:   line 19:   same as HP-UX above

               line 20:   same as HPUX above

               line 21:   #define SHAPE  /* this is what it should be getting
                                            I believe.


At the end it says it has configured AfterStep 1.5 beta2 (???) even though
what I downloaded was beta3.

It would be nice if what I provided for --prefix was used for the installation
directories and stuff.  That is what that option is there for I believe.

Otherwise much better then using both Imake and Autoconf.

Now if I can get it built on both hpux9 and digital unix 4.0a I can run it
through Insure and check for other things.

All pointers are welcome.



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