Beta3 Pager
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 18:11:22 -0500

Tomas Duewiger Wrote:

>Is the jpg support already included in the pager of Beta3? I just read
>through the config file and was testing with *PagerWallpaper but nothing
>real happens ;-) Or are the patches all applied in that version? Sasha?

It is not applied yet. Guylhem is waiting on some more improvements from
before including it into the distribution.

At the moment you can get latest pager source from :

Grab the full source for beta3.
it includes whole dir of Pager  plus tiny patch for afterstep.

Check out AfterstepPagerUpdate  page for list of fixed bugs and new
( there are plenty of those ).

>Anyhow, this beta really rocks compared to beta1, it compiled very clean
>and ran stable until now. Only the pager core dumped once, but that could
>be caused by config-file-torment ;-)

This is becous you've tried to use non-XPM file . old Pager used to write
stuff at NULL address :-)
if you try to do this. -grab the latest code and play with it.