Re: Beta3 Pager

Tomas Duewiger (
05 Sep 1998 08:08:44 +0200 writes:

> Tomas Duewiger Wrote:
> >Hi, Is the jpg support already included in the pager of Beta3? I just
> >read through the config file and was testing with *PagerWallpaper but
> >nothing real happens ;-) Or are the patches all applied in that version?
> >Sasha?
> It is not applied yet. Guylhem is waiting on some more improvements from
> me, before including it into the distribution.

I ask, because the configure script is asking for an image loader.

> At the moment you can get latest pager source from :

I will have a look at it.

> Grab the full source for beta3.  it includes whole dir of Pager plus tiny
> patch for afterstep.
> Check out AfterstepPagerUpdate page for list of fixed bugs and new
> features ( there are plenty of those ).
> >Anyhow, this beta really rocks compared to beta1, it compiled very clean
> >and ran stable until now. Only the pager core dumped once, but that could
> >be caused by config-file-torment ;-)
> This is becous you've tried to use non-XPM file . old Pager used to write
> stuff at NULL address :-) if you try to do this. -grab the latest code and
> play with it.

Are you sure? With it worked for months with xloadimage and a
modified pager config file. Right now it also runs stable, maybe it was
only Netscape, this bastard causes starnge effects with the pager anyhow. 
But I will check for the patches. 


Tomas Duewiger