Re: AS erases added items i start folder

Nicolas Issakides (
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 01:31:47 +1.00

Something similar for me with the latest version I downloaded from the 

I have find out tjat the menus options are not necessary defined with sub 
directories and shell command file.

have a look at the network menu I wanted to modify. in fact, I needed to 
edit the  file :


> Hello
> I'm trying to configure AfterStep that came with RedHat 5.1.
> The problem I'm having is that when I want to create a new item in the
> start popup menu (i.e. Adding files/dirs to
> ~/GNUstep/Libraries/AfterStep/start ) AfterStep erases them when I
> exit/restart AS.  It works fine  when I only choose to reread the
> current session.
> I can't really figure out where the problem is/what to configure.
> I'd be greatful of any hints that could solve the problem.(It gets a bit
> to heavy to put everything new in Wharf /Zharf even though any adding
> there works fine.)
> /Pelle
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