Re: Some clicking questions..

Daniel Clausen (
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 15:08:36 +0200


[I'm aware that this is a kinda old thread, sorry for this] wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, GateKeepeR News wrote:
> ! Why is it I cannot click on the window to raise it, only the
> ! titlebar of the window? kind of annoying..
> !
> !       Bryan
>         Having a go at this, I picked the default/unaltered
> feel.ClickToFocus, and what do you know - clicking in the middle of
> the window raised the window.  Have you tried this?
> With the text describing what everything does in the feel.files
> adding "Mouse 1 W N RaiseLower" or "Mouse 1 W N Move-or-Top".

I tried both versions and both worked. Except that I couldn't select
folders in the Wharf anymore. Instead of opening the folder it prolly
tries to raise them. :) Any ideas?


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