Application Crash on Shade

Doug Alcorn (
08 Sep 1998 08:49:29 -0400

I was running my bad application again, and tried to shade one of the
child windows.  I got this message in my .xsession-errors:

XErrorHandler: Fata X Error code BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
XErrorEvent: type<0x0> resourceid<0x4001e5> serial(0x81ba>
error_cde<8> request_code<42> minor_code<0x0>

I don't know if you can do anything with this or not; but, I got it
and thought it might be usefull for someone to know about it.  At the
very least I have gotten to complain about it and feel better now. :)

 (__)  Doug Alcorn                 
 oo )  (Fledgling XEmacs User)