Questions re setup....HELP ME loosing hair FAST!!!

Matt Lemsing (
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 10:41:11 +1000

Hi there.

I have spent the last wekk ripping my hair out trying to get afterstep to
work, to no avail. This is what I have done....

1) I have installed the RPM version, and then started x and it looked no
different...i tried to find the .xinitrc file (to no avail) so i could add
"exec afterstep"...but didnt due to not being able to find the file.

2) Tried to install the *.tgz version; i unpacked it alright but when it
came to installing, i could only get as far as ./configure because it then
gave errors and wouldnt go any furthjer...

Question is - what do i do next to get the silly thing working?? I am
currently using FVWM95 as my window manager and desperatley want to get a
better lookindesktop.

aslo, when i finally get it going and can download some .steprc files, how
do i get the desktop to look like the ones i have downloaded the .steprc
files from??

Thanks for you help and advice in advance.

Matt L.