Re: configure and configure.h

Ethan (
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 14:32:15 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Mehul Sanghvi wrote:

>      I am working with AfterStep 1.5beta3.  I had posted a sometime last week
> about configure.h having some blank #define lines in it at line 20 and line
> 21.  Another thing was that even if you specified --with-xpm=yes and gave the
> pathsd to the XPM include and library,  you always ended up with #define NOXPM
> in configure.h at line 19.  I finally got around to looking into this.

Oops, sorry for not replying to your previous post earlier.  It sounds 
like you've put a lot of effort into this, and the problems have already 
been fixed (hopefully).  Please test 1.5beta3 + 13 patches and see if it 
fixes your problems.  If it doesn't, any fixes you come up with will be 
much appreciated!

>    At first I thought it was sed (since I know that the HPUX one is broken and
> that was the platform i was building under).  Got GNU sed, but got same
> result.  Then I took a look at the autoconf/ file.  And thats
> where the problem was.  There was no value given for IF-NOT-FOUND part of the
> AC_CHECK_LIB macro (for both SHAPE and JPEG).  So I fixed that to define a
> NOSHAPE and a NOJPEG symbol.  

Fixed in 1.5beta3 patch 2.

>    The other problem was with XPM.  I dont know much about m4,  but since
> autoconf comes with the AC_CHECK_LIB macro, I just used that instead of the
> VT_FIND_LIBXPM macro defined in aclocal.m4.  Using the AC_CHECK_LIB macro I am
> getting better results.  Is there something that I am overloking due to which
> VT_FIND_LIBXPM was being used rather then AC_CHECK_LIB ?  I am pretty new to
> autoconf so I might not be aware of something due to which I might not be
> seeing the need for VT_FIND_LIBXPM.  Here's what I am using currently:
>    AC_CHECK_LIB(Xpm, XpmLibraryVersion, 
>      [XPM_LIBS="-lXpm" HAVEXPM="XPM"], 
>      HAVEXPM="NOXPM",)
> The above is giving me the right defination in the configure.h file.
> Could one of the developers please let me know why using AC_CHECK_LIB for XPM
> is a bad idea or what I am overlooking in using AC_CHECK_LIB that would cause
> problems.

I would prefer to use VT_FIND_LIBXPM, as it does more than the simple 
AC_CHECK_LIB.  Fixed in 1.5beta3 patch 2.

>     Another library to check for should be libXmu as that is not always
> present on all systems.  AIX is notorious for not supplying this library.
> Another thing is the use of -Wall and -O6.  -Wall is not supported by non-gcc
> compilers (as far as I know).  I'll see if this can be tested and then set.

Fixed in 1.5beta3 patch 2, except the libXmu part.  I did try compiling 
1.5beta3 + 8 patches on an Alpha OSF/1 machine, and an IBM AIX machine, 
and the compile went without a hitch.  No errors, though I did get lots 
of warnings.  I didn't try compiling the APPS package, though.

Ethan Fischer