Re: Feature suggestion... and a couple other things.

Michal Vitecek (
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 21:14:32 +0200

Ben Tracy wrote:
>Howdy folks!

>I have a suggestion for the powers that be, so to speak anyway.. :-) 
>It would be really cool if one could put more than just one command in a
>start menu item.  I came upon this idea in the context of theme support
>(which I'll talk about more in a minute).  My thought was wouldn't it be
>cool if I could, with one menu selection, update the look and/or the feel,
>copy the background into the appropriate places, and so on, 

 yes, multiple commands for a sigle item is a good idea.
>and then
>finally force a hard restart.

 umm, hard restart is not necessary in the recent versions of AS

>Which leads me into a question:  Is theme support going to appear in 1.5?
>I have yet to see it in the betas.  If we could get the change I mentioned
>above, I could probably do start menu based theme support pretty easily,
>but I don't think I could pull it off otherwise without spending a whole
>lot of time squinting at the code while I should be working.. :)

 full theme support is planned for AS 1.6. at the moment we're working on
 making AS 1.5 rock solid + fixing all bugs we know about. there is
 already partial theme support in 1.5, though.

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