Re: Borderless terms

Tomas Duewiger (
11 Sep 1998 21:57:55 +0200

Dan Riley <> writes:

> In the screen shot at, how
> did Chris get the terminal that is running top on the left side in the
> background to appear without any borders? I can not seem to find any
> reference to this in the faq or docs.

I think it's not without any borders, it's just without handles (the
borders at the bottom). You can define this in your database file with:
Style "WindowWithoutHandles" NoHandles (maybe also NoTitle)

To get away the scrollbars you have to call the term with that parameter,
for example:
rxvt +sb -T "WindowWithoutHandles" 
You need the -T (Title) option for afterstep to identfy the window and
compare it with the databse entries. 

This way you will still have a thin border around the window, but if you
use the right colors you won't really see it. I use this for a log file
that always stays open in the back.


Tomas Duewiger