Re: Questions re setup....HELP ME loosing hair FAST!!!

Albert Dorofeev
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 09:29:10 +0200 (CEST)


Matt Lemsing writes:
> 1) I have installed the RPM version, and then started x and it looked no
> different...i tried to find the .xinitrc file (to no avail) so i could add
> "exec afterstep"...but didnt due to not being able to find the file.

The file ".xinitrc" is not there in the beginning. You just
have to create one yourself. Just do what FAQ suggests:
echo afterstep > ~/.xinitrc

> 2) Tried to install the *.tgz version; i unpacked it alright but when it
> came to installing, i could only get as far as ./configure because it then
> gave errors and wouldnt go any furthjer...

You should have specified which version you are trying to
get working. I highly recommend getting 1.5pre9 from

> aslo, when i finally get it going and can download some .steprc files, how
> do i get the desktop to look like the ones i have downloaded the .steprc
> files from??

That depends on the version. ".steprc" is not used anymore.
We use "look" and "feel" files in the ~/GNUstep/Library/Afterstep
to change the appearance and behaviour of AS. I think
you'd need only to choose one of the looks / feels from
the menu and that's it.


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