Re: Borderless terms

Z Ghost (
Sat, 12 Sep 1998 13:28:04 PDT

Ok... but -pixmap option dont work whith rxvt.......

i have compiled rxvt whith XPM support but i have this message when i 
type rxvt -pixmap :

rxvt: bad option "-pixmap"

What's the problem so ?


>> Well... but how can i have an XPM background or a transparent rxvt 
>This must be THE most asked question about X in general:)
>There is no such thing as transparent rxvt... this is just a XPM
>background (rxvt -pixmap background.xpm - I think that's the syntax - 
>in man rxvt) and the same background is used for your root window... if
>you look at that picture
>( carefully
>you'll see that the edges of the
>background don't match.

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