Re: close or kill?

Doug Alcorn (
14 Sep 1998 08:44:51 -0400 (Albert Dorofeev) writes:

> When the window manager (in our case AS) is quitting
> it closes all windows. What command is used by the
> window manager? Is it killing all the window processes
> or is it sending "close" event to them?
Actually what is happening is something like this: your .xsession has
some stuff in it with the lasts line like this:

exec afterstep

whith no '&'.  That means when you exit afterstep, you are actually
exiting X.  You can exit the window manager without killing all the
windows if you have the '&' on the end of the window manager line of
your .xsession.  However, you need to have X 'hinge' on something
else.  Otherwise, X will start, any other apps in the .xsession will
start, afterstep will start, then X will exit.

I think that the X server actually does a mutiple pass approach to
killing the apps.  I think it behaves similar to init.  If that is the 
case, then it sends the TERM signal to all the apps.  Then it sends
the KILL signal to any remaining apps running.

I guess I could start looking in the source code for X to see how it
closes, but it is not important enough to me to do this.  If noone can 
confirm my hypothesis and you still can't figure it out, I guess I
will dive into the code for a couple of hours to see what I can find.

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