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On Sun, 13 Sep 1998, Roy E. Cutler wrote:

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> Subject: default windows and window geometry
> I can't find the answers to these questions in the docs anywhere and
> wondered if someone could help me figure this out.
> 1) Which files do I modify so that several applications open automatically
> when opening AfterStep? Say, for example, I want to have xterm and emacs
> open when starting up. 

Add Exec lines to the InitFunction section of in autoexec file. An xterm
line might look like this,
    Exec    "I"     xterm &

> 2) How do I specify the desired window geometry when a particular window
> does open? Right now when Netscape Messenger opens, the window is so
> large that I cannot get to the top menus.  

If messenger is not the first thing that starts when you run netscape
(therefore you can't use the -geometry option) then I don't know of any
way to set the window size. I usually fix this by mapping window
operations to easily accessible keys so I can quickly move and resize a
window. Anyone else have any idea? I don't think there is an option in the
Style database for sizes.

> Thanks.

You're welcome.

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