Re: mp3's

Ron Thompson (
Sun, 13 Sep 1998 11:57:16 -0700

Mike Sanders wrote:

> I just installed Linux Redhat 5.1 on my system and I am using afterstep. I
> downloaded x11am off the net but when I run it (even though I ran sound
> config and the test worked) it doesn't play any sound... it says it is
> playing and no error appears but it makes no sound. Any ideas? I really want
> it work!

Hmmm... I had a problem similar to that, and what fixed it I'm sure wasn't what
actually fixed it....
I think what actually fixed my problem was configuring the sound.  Have you run
sndconfig from a prompt yet?  That might fix it.  Otherwise, see if you can get
another mp3 player working... try mpg123, because that seemed to be the most
reliable for me.

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