Transparent Title Bar Buttons

L. Jack Reese (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 20:46:24 -0600

Had an idea that I really liked...
We made a set of transparent title bar buttons so that whatever
XPM you put in the title bar the button always looked perfect.
The buttons simply had a highlight and a shadow and the rest of 
the pixels were transparent.

The problem of course, is that only the colored pixels were 
active for hitting the button and it is difficult to hit the 
single pixel wide highlight or shadow.  In other words, I'd like
the entire square or rectangle region that the button occupies 
to be active even if the actual pixels happen to be transparent.

I hope there is a way to do this but if not, I would be willing to 
look through the code and make the change myself if it would be 
implemented in the future so we didn't have to do it for each upgrade.

Any pointers to where to look in the code from others more knowledgeable 
would be appreciated.