zharf, and now wharf

Ferri Andy Ch. (chandy@indo.net.id)
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 21:05:01 +0700

I used AS 1.5 beta3 for more than 1 week now, and have no error when
compiled. but there is only one problem I noticed : zharf occasionally
terminate, and I have to start it again from start menu, and today I
experienced the same problem with wharf. No error message in my ~/X.err.

I have pager, xosview swallowed in zharf, asmail, asclock, asfsm_lite
swallowed in wharf, both started automatically from autoexec. I've tried
to simulate the event with no luck, and I came to conclusion that this
might cause by improper keyboard or mouse binding.

My Linux box config are : kernel :2.0.33, dist. :SuSE, X server : S3
trio64 (ver 3.3.1).

Except this problem 1.5 beta3 is stable enough !

AS developer, do you have any idea what went wrong ? TIA.

Best regards,
Ferri Andy Ch.

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