Re: Probs with JPG background

Gregor Zych (
14 Sep 1998 22:31:28 +0200

Doug Alcorn <> writes:

> Gregor Zych <> writes:
> > I've compiled as 1.5beta3 with jpeg enabled but I can only use xpm
> > backgrounds. I do not get any error messages or warnings. What am I
> > doing wrong. Isn't as capable of using jpeg backgrounds?
> Does 1.5beta3 have native JPEG support?  I know that in earlier
> releases you had to specify an external image loader.  If this is
> still true, then you could have compiled JPEG support correctly but
> not specify correctly the external loader.  I think the default JPEG
> loader is 'xli'.  If you don't have xli, it could be calling it and
> quietly failing to find it.  Look in the Makefile or config.h to see
> if it is asking for the default image loader.
Well, I have the loader mentioned in configure.h. The strange thing is
that the Pager seems to be the only program to use it, but no other
part of the program. BTW the Pager can only handle xpms (??). When I
choose a jpg file as a background picture the Pager dies. I grep'ed
the sources and found only references to JPEG support for Icons
(??). Are JPEG backgrounds not yet possible?
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