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Michal Vitecek (
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 22:33:26 +0200 wrote:
>Andrew Sullivan wrote :
>>On 14 Sep 1998, Gregor Zych wrote:
>>> (??). Are JPEG backgrounds not yet possible?
>>>From what I've read from the developers, the short answer to this is,
>>"Correct."  Developers, am I wrong?
>You are right. This functionality was broken in Pager.
>As far as I know newer Pager code will be included in 1.5beta4 wich is

 unfortunatelly we (the developers) didn't have much time left to include
 the modified pager in beta4. sorry for the misinformation. u can expect
 the pager developed by sasha vasko in beta5 if everything goes well.

>If know it is available from my web site at :
>Don't forget to read aspagerupdate.html  for list of all new features and
>fixed bugs.
>>(BTW, this is the answer in the current -- i.e. working -- version of the
>>FAQ, so if I _am_ wrong, please let me know.  I'm sorry that the FAQ has
>>been delayed.  I'm afraid there was a death in the family, which has eaten
>>up almost all my time.  It'll be ready soon, promise!)
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