RE: [Announcement] AfterStep 1.5 beta4 released.

Mars (
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 12:26:27 -0500 (EST)


This is just an email to let the developers of AfterStep that there are people
out there that really appreciate their hard work.  For a longer while I've been
using AfterStep and was reluctant to switch to the newer version.  I've
also been eyeballing WindowMaker - mainly because it looked better (gradients,
shading etc).  But today I downloaded/compiled/installed AfterStep 1.5beta4 and
I have to say : WOW!  I'm am VERY impressed with the changes and the new
options.  The thoughts of switching to WindowMaker are now gone!

So again thank you for the best window manager out there.

I've put up AfterStep1.5beta4 on my site at:

Hopefully you'll enjoy the new release as much as I did :)