Re: [Announcement] AfterStep 1.5 beta4 released.

Michal Vitecek (
Tue, 15 Sep 1998 19:28:13 +0200

Mehul N. Sanghvi wrote:


>     I downloaded the 1.5beta4 distribution early this morning.  The purely
>     autoconf based configure system seesm to work fine.  All my previous
>     gripes have been rendered obsolete.  I do have one minor gripe though
>     whioch has to do with autoconf/  How does it define
>     CCFLAGS ?  Is there a way to specify not to use -Wall ?  Yes, yes I know
>     that its a good thing to use -Wall but it seems to generate a lot of
>     X11R6.3 header file problems for every source file being compiled.  I
>     just went and commented out the @CCFLAGS@ in there.  Thsi took care of
>     things for me for the time being.

 the -Wall is automagically added when gcc is found. however u can disable
 this feature by editing autoconf/ and commenting out lines 77
 to 81. then run autoconf in the autoconf/ directory - this will create
 new configure for u. move it to the base directory and run again. u won't
 have -Wall added.
 [Ethan: this flag could be taken out, as it's mainly needed for debugging

>     There is no src/Script/Compiler/ file nor is there a
>     src/Script/Compiler/types.h file.  They do exist in the src/Script
>     directory though and I was wondering if they could be used instead ?  If
>     not can someone put up the files on the ftp site ?

 yes, those can be used. did u have any problems with compiling Script
 besides some warnings about implicit declarations?

>     After getting it compiled and installed,  AfterStep starts up three
>     xterms, and that is about all I see ... the entire system is hung.  I get
>     no mouse interaction,  none of the windows moves when I try to drag it,
>     I get no root menu when I try either button1, 2, 3 on the root window.
>     It just stays hung.  The last AfterStep I was using was 1.4.55N6.

 okay, first back up your ~/G directory. start AS again. also check the
 new format of look files. look at new options in feel files etc. also,
 are u sure all the modules got installed on their places? are those
 modules in your PATH?

>   mehul


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