A couple of questions

Steve Charters (charters@ferndown.tt.slb.com)
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 09:33:36 +0100 (BST)


I'm currently an Fvwm user, but I thinking about moving over to AfterStep.
I've tried AS 1.0 and I like it but there are some things that are not
quite how I would like, like icons insisting on backgrounds. I know these
are options in 1.4 and 1.5. I downloaded and compiled it but I had
problems getting it to run, I got core dumps on startup. Most recently I
got 1.5beta3 and this seems to run O.K. but I have some questions around

1)   Look & Feel files and module files etc. I've just about worked out
where everything goes and how it works but I find that if I change a look
file and then restart AS it does not change the look. 

2)   Title bar buttons. The beveled area for the pixmaps to go on seems to
have gone. Can it be turned on or do I need to redo pixmaps to include
bevel, not that this is a problem.

3)   Shade function. (This applies to AS 1.0 also) When I Shade a window
and then move Pager desktops I find that sometimes the window has
effectively become sticky, it follows me around. At other times, if it
doesn't follow me when I go back to the desktop that it was on its not
shown. Its still in the WinList but I just can't see it. If I restart it
appears again. 

4)   No Background Icons.  I have this turned on in the makefile I used to
build but I now seem to get icons on a black background, and they are
still chopped to 48x48. 

5)   Zharf often dies or can't open background file and doesn't swallow
Pager. I tried Wharf in AS 1.0 but I found that while this would swallow
Pager it would only swallow into 1x1 button rather then 1x4 as I wanted.
Also with Wharf I couldn't change the size of it. Which leads to ..

6)   How do I use Fvwm Modules (spec. GoodStuff) in the new configuration
system. I can't create a goodstuff file because this wont be recognised
will it.    

Woah, that ended up being more questions that I thought.

Any help would be great.


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