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David Mihm (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 04:39:57 -0500 (CDT)

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998, Steve Charters wrote:

! Hi,
! I'm currently an Fvwm user, but I thinking about moving over to AfterStep.
! I've tried AS 1.0 and I like it but there are some things that are not
! quite how I would like, like icons insisting on backgrounds. I know these
! are options in 1.4 and 1.5. I downloaded and compiled it but I had
! problems getting it to run, I got core dumps on startup. Most recently I
! got 1.5beta3 and this seems to run O.K. but I have some questions around
! it. 

	First off, if you didn't remove all existances of 1.0 &
from your machine, you are more than likely experiencing problems due to
multiple binaries of the same name.  Beta3 is installed in /usr/local/bin
by default - if you have any other afterstep related binaries elsewhere,
remove them and see if you have same buggy behavior.  An important note
about moving from - you *must* mv your existing ~/G/L/A tree to
a backup (i.e. ~/G/L/old-Afterstep) before starting X; configuration
changes require this.  Then if all works with the default move you
customized settings into an existing new config file (i.e. wharf, pager,
look, feel, etc.).

! 1)   Look & Feel files and module files etc. I've just about worked out
! where everything goes and how it works but I find that if I change a look
! file and then restart AS it does not change the look. 

	There is no need to quit AS in the 1.5beta series!  To change the
Look/Feel; edit the file, then pick it from the menu (Decorations>(Look or
Feel)>(look or feel).mine .  If it's a new look/feel, pick Quit>Update

! 2)   Title bar buttons. The beveled area for the pixmaps to go on seems to
! have gone. Can it be turned on or do I need to redo pixmaps to include
! bevel, not that this is a problem.

	You are thinking about Window Maker.  AS doesn't have real
divisions between TitleBarButtons.  If you want this I suggest you upgrade
(no need to uninstall) to beta4 and pick the look.AfterStep1.5 <-- this
has psuedo WindowMaker TitleBarButtons, with the shadow line between each
button.  [plug - I made the theme and the buttons :)]

! 3)   Shade function. (This applies to AS 1.0 also) When I Shade a window
! and then move Pager desktops I find that sometimes the window has
! effectively become sticky, it follows me around. At other times, if it
! doesn't follow me when I go back to the desktop that it was on its not
! shown. Its still in the WinList but I just can't see it. If I restart it
! appears again. 

	This is fixed in the beta4 release (it was one of the patches to

! 4)   No Background Icons.  I have this turned on in the makefile I used to
! build but I now seem to get icons on a black background, and they are
! still chopped to 48x48. 

	Iconified apps or Wharf Buttons?  Is the ButtonColor set to Black
(for iconified apps) in the look file you use?  Is WharfBgColor set to
black?  I would need a bit more clarification here to assist.

! 5)   Zharf often dies or can't open background file and doesn't swallow
! Pager. I tried Wharf in AS 1.0 but I found that while this would swallow
! Pager it would only swallow into 1x1 button rather then 1x4 as I wanted.
! Also with Wharf I couldn't change the size of it. Which leads to ..

	Zharf dying after some time is a known bug (or at least is
experienced by a couple people).  I don't know why it wouldn't swallow the
Pager.  Have you tried the default configuration?

! 6)   How do I use Fvwm Modules (spec. GoodStuff) in the new configuration
! system. I can't create a goodstuff file because this wont be recognised
! will it.    

	I would think it would work, Fvwm Modules are coded with their own
paths to config files are they not?  I have no experience with this
however, so this is just a quess.  The man afterstep states that Fvwm
modules can be used. :)

! Steve

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