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Doug Alcorn (
16 Sep 1998 12:37:00 -0400

Chris Zimmerman <> writes:

> 1.  How do I configure xterm to come up as "see-through"?

This definitely belongs on the FAQ.  There are three ways to go about
doing this.  This first, most popular, and easiest is use rxvt or
xiterm.  Both of them support the option for putting a pixmap in the
background of the *term.  Then, you simply assign the same pixmap to
the *term that you have on your background.  This isn't true
"see-through", but works and still looks nice.  (BTW, make sure your
rxvt or xiterm is compiled to support the -pixmap option.  The man
page is not the place to determine this.  If you do a '(rxvt|xiterm)
--help' and the -pixmap option is not there, you will need to
recompile the *term.  

The second option is with a nice little tool called root-term, or rt.
This program will actually monitor multiple files and print them onto
the root window -- very nice.  It spews on certain files (like
.xsession-errors), but on others works without and problems (like
/var/log/messages or /var/log/maillog).  The url for this is

The third, coolest, and most alpha method is to use Eterm
<>.  This *term allows you to actually set 
the background as transparent or even translucent.  It also allows for 
tinting translucent windows.  This allows you to have an eterm that is 
translucent, but warps all the background colors to a blue, red or any 
shade you want.  One of the coolest screen shots I have ever seen was
of this translucent feature
<>. However, I am too 
afraid to use this because of its alpha stage.  Also, in reading the
eterm FAQ, it appears it does not take standard resources but rather
the Enlightenment themes configuration.  I am feeling too lazy to go
learn how to set all this up.

> 2.  I have eliminated Winlist, and now I would like to change the 
> location that the icons go when I minimize an app.

In your feels file use the Iconbox function.  Details are in the man page.

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