Re: 2 Questions

Dave Wreski (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 23:07:09 -0400 (EDT)

>> This must be THE most asked question about X in general:)
>> There is no such thing as transparent rxvt... this is just a XPM
>> background (rxvt -pixmap background.xpm - I think that's the syntax - look
>> in man rxvt) and the same background is used for your root window... if
>> you look at that picture
>> ( carefully
>> you'll see that the edges of the  background don't match.

Hmm.. Actually, the theme(?) that is being used in that image is quite nice.  I
have like zero, zilch, nada artistic ability ;)  Can someone point me to where I
can find some additional themes as cool as these?

Also, I see there is the ability to update the main menu that is activiated by
using the left-mouse (oh gawd pullezze don't tell me you call it the `start
menu' ;)

Anyway, instead of making some of the options that are there inactive, how do I
just remove them entirely, or isn't that functionality mouse-capable yet, and
must be done by editing?

I'd like to install this on a couple people's PCs, who otherwise have no unix
ability to speak of...