Re: Afterstep FTP site and AfterStep Classic 1.1 beta 2

Dave Wreski (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 23:12:48 -0400 (EDT)

On 16-Sep-98 Michal Vitecek wrote:
> Dave Wreski wrote:
>>> I wonder if anyone is still maintaining  I'm asking
>>> this because some files I uploaded (AfterStepClassic-1.1beta2.*) have
>>> been stuck in /incoming for several days.  I'd like to have them moved
>>> to /pub/devel so people can start downloading.
>  f.a.o will most probably moved to a redhat's ftp server within several
>  days afaik.

Be careful, I didn't say that.

>>I was also wondering what happened to  After all, at
>>the end of each email, it makes mention of it, yet I couldn't find the
>>beta4 release there...
>  if u went to or other places where the beta4 was
>  announced u'd clearly see the sites where u can download from.

I did.  But at least a pointer on the most obvious location pointing to where to
find it.. Perhaps a README as you login?!

>>- how do I disable visual bell, and reenable my normal bell?
>  xset b off; man xset

So the default is simply to enable the visual bell, because xset is otherwise no
executed to turn on the visual bell..

>>- which manual will tell me how to configure the pager?  I'd like to put
>>it in the wharf(?)  Is this still all done with ~/.steprc, or how does it
>>all fit into the ~/GNUStep?
>  okay, no go and read the FAQ and other documents prior to other questions
>  - don't expect ppl to help u when u're lazy.

Lazy?  I'm asking for pointers to the documentation, and simply asked this
question to give an idea of the type of documentation I'm looking for.  Have
some tact, schmuck.