WharfColumns in 1.5pre9

Doug Alcorn (alcornd@earthlink.net)
16 Sep 1998 23:11:49 -0400

I have not upgraded to any of the 1.5beta releases yet, but still am
on 1.5pre9 with some patches.  The problem is that my WharfColumns
doesn't seem to work right.  Here is what I have before I start
defining each button:

*Wharf1TextureType	128
*Wharf1Pixmap		my_tile3.xpm
*Wharf1TextureColor	black aquamarine4
*Wharf1MaxColors	32
*Wharf1Geometry -256+0
*Wharf1Columns 4

It doesn't seem to matter whether or not I use the actual Wharf binary 
or a symbolic link to the binary (i.e. Wharf vs. Wharf1).  Any
suggestions?  Is it possible that in upgrading a dynamically linked
library I broke this function?
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