Re: Wharf wish list for transparent tiles

Tomas Duewiger (
18 Sep 1998 08:08:02 +0200

Doug Alcorn <> writes:

> Ethan <> writes:
> > On 16 Sep 1998, Doug Alcorn wrote:
> > 
> > > I have been thinking recently that it would be pretty cool to use a
> > >totally transparent xpm as the tile for Wharf.  The effect I am looking
> > >for is shaped folder icons with a transparent tile to the root window.
> >  Are you using 1.5beta4?  If so, try making a 64x64 transparent xpm and
> >using it for the wharf tile.
> > 
> I downloaded and compiled 1.5beta4 with no patches.  The wharf does the
> same thing under 1.5b4 as 1.5p9 when you use a transparent tile, it gives
> it a black background.

I also made a 64x64 trasperent pixmap, to test this and here it worked. I
use 1.5beta4 with Sasha's Pager and a jpeg background. I can see the
background behind the wharf and behind the folders. But since I use a i486 
it took too much CPU. The animation is that slow that it becomes
unuseable. But it works. 


Tomas Duewiger