MaxSwallowModule on Pager

Doug Alcorn (
17 Sep 1998 22:27:48 -0400

After compiling 1.5alpha4 with no patches, I started up with the
default setup.  I like the way Wharf swallows the Pager and it expands 
the one button out four button lengths worth.  I copied this into my
wharf configuration and it doesn't seem to work.  I use a 6x1 setup
with only one desktop instead of the 2x2 with 4 desktops.  What I get
is my 6x1 crammed into one 64x64 pixel area.  I was hoping to get 6 64 
pixel areas expand out from the Wharf button.  Is there something else 
in one of the other configuration files that needs to be set properly?
Here are the three lines from my wharf config file:

*Wharf1 Pagers Monitor.xpm,3_dots.xpm Folders
*Wharf1 Pager - MaxSwallowModule "Pager" Module Pager 0 0
*Wharf1 ~Folders

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