Again: Poorly Behaved Applications

Doug Alcorn (
01 Sep 1998 12:06:23 -0400

Is there noone that can take a stab at this?  I understand that the
application is poorly behaved.  I can refine my question some.  Is it
possible for an X application to bypass the window manager?  This
particular application appears to be statically linked in with some
toolkit (probably motif).  Is it possible for something like motif to
bypass the window manager?

I have noticed several other peculiar behaviors as well.  The circulat 
and stays on top functions are totally porked.  If I use AS to move an 
application to the back or skip to the next one, sometimes the
window I am trying to move off of reasserts itself to the foreground.
This effectively prevents me from moving to another window.  Also,
when trying to minimize that application, it creates an icon but
remains visible.  If I then click on the icon, the application will
actually minimize.

If I could leave the application I would; but, I can't.  Can we know
for sure that this is an application problem and not a window manager
problem? Is it possible that this app has some peculiar stuff it is
communicating with AS and AS doesn't know how to handle it?

Doug Alcorn <> writes:

> I have noticed something mildly annoying since upgrading to 1.5pre9.
> It appears that when I use the key mapping setup for Scroll +/-100
> +/-100 that sometimes the window on the new screen does not recieve
> focus even though the mouse is over that window.
> I don't know if this is a problem in the afterstep or just in my
> feels file.  I am not sure what other information to give.  Oh yea, it
> doesn't happen every time.  Actually, I think only one application
> causes it to happen.  I have Lotus Notes for UNIX (a notorious poorly
> behaved application) running as a remote process displaying back to my
> host.  When LN gets the focus, it doesn't give it up when I switch
> screens.  Is this a afterstep function or an application
> function?
> While I am at it, LN also has another quasi-afterstep quirk.
> When the window is first drawn, it gets the correct window title.  As
> soon as the new window gets focus, the widow title blanks out.  It
> remains blank until I restart the afterstep.  Then as soon as the
> window gets focus again, I loose the window title.
> Any guesses?  Any things you want me to try?  If you are specific, I
> can do some debugging to get a stack trace or something.
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