Re: Again: Poorly Behaved Applications

Andrew Sullivan (
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 14:11:19 -0400 (EDT)

On 1 Sep 1998, Doug Alcorn wrote:

> I can refine my question some.  Is it possible for an X application to
> bypass the window manager?

I have read that it is, but I can't confirm it.  IANAP, to follow the
standard initialing scheme.  Certainly, Netscape 4.02 is careless about
catching the kill command.

> Can we know
> for sure that this is an application problem and not a window manager
> problem? 

There's a way to find out: use several other window managers, and see if
there's a problem there.  When I ran into troubles with AS & Netscape, I
thought it might be a problem with AS.  So, I fooled around with fvwm,
fvwm-2, and twm (they're pretty ubiquitous, and they were handy for me),
and found the same problem.

If you can't reproduce the problem elsewhere, it's (at least) a problem in
the interaction between AS and the program.  On which side the problem
lies is, of course, still unknown.

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