Re: AppsBackingStore etc

Doug Alcorn (
19 Sep 1998 23:45:24 -0400

Francis GALIEGUE <> writes:

> I run roottail to view /var/log/messages on the root window - runs fine.
> I edited my feel.DEFAULT in ~/GNUstep/<etc> so that it saves all
> backgrounds (BackingStore, AppsBackingStore, SaveUnders - got 128 MB so
> I can afford it :) ).
All that is really needed for rt is SaveUnders.  I use rt, and that is 
all I have turned on.  Also, from the rt-0.0.4b README:

|When root-tail starts up xevent handling is turned on for the root
|window and all exposed areas of the root get cached, as windows move
|and more of the background is exposed it too gets added to x's cache,
|only when an uncahced area of the background changes will rt
|refresh. This means that if you want the best performace i recommend
|loading rt before anything else is loaded in order to allow for proper

So, in my autoexec I start rt immediately following the Pager but
before anything else.  This works fine for me.

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