Re: Archives

Dagmar d'Surreal (
Sat, 19 Sep 1998 15:39:47 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, 19 Sep 1998, Dave Walker wrote:

> Is there an archive of the mailing list anywhere?
> I'm quite sure that I've seen references to it in the past, but can't
> seem to find it now.

Umm... On this note, I would also be interested in knowing if one exists,
but for a slightly different reason.  In the past I had intended to use
just one email address and keep it as long as possible, found a short one
and used it everywhere, but thanks to all the idiot spammers, I've had to
switch to a new one (no less than five spams a friggin day) to stop having
to deal with all the blasted spam.  Apparently spammers don't see anything
wrong with scanning mailing list archives to build a bigger address list,
which they turn around and sell to other spammers.  :/  It's to the point
where I'm really thinking about sending out invoices for my time to these

As a result, if there's an archive of this somewhere on http, lemme know
so I can go ahead and change the appearing email address as soon as
possible, as well as I'm sure some of the other people who don't much care
for spam will be doing as well.

> BTW, 1.5beta4 _ROCKS_.

I agree.  :)  Still gots a few bugs in it, but the speed at which it has
progress from 1.4 towards 1.5 is really impressive.