Glenn Williams (
Sun, 20 Sep 1998 10:39:47 -0600


I don't wish to come here whining every couple of days, but I have been
unable to get around one particular roadblock.  I need to RTFM - and I can't
seem to get the FM in a form that I can read or convert to readable form.

I mentioned in a previous posting, that it's difficult for me to read a
document on my display monitor.  I downloaded sgml-tools, and I downloaded a
recent edition of the FAQ's, which should be of some help - but when I try
to save the AfterStep MANUAL from the AfterStep home page in html format,
all I get is a file about 1200 bytes in size, which I am reasonably
confident is not the whole thing.  (I haven't tried to convert it yet, but I
can view it as a source file in my browser and damn soon tell if it's
useable.)  I was not able to find a 'complete' manual file on the ftp site,

Well, I checked it out.  I loaded the FAQ document I saved from in my browser, and it is useless to try to read it
off-line.  So unless and until someone cares to offer a better solution,
I'll have to be content with converting the FAQ sgml file to text and
reading that.

Can anyone help???


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