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Sun, 20 Sep 1998 13:09:08 -0500

On Sun, 20 Sep 1998, you wrote:
>mosfet writes:
>> I am intrested in adding the additional KDE window manager capabilities to
>> AfterStep. This would include not only the properties, but the KWM module
>> communication protocol and session management. The properties can be added
>> easily w/out linking to QT or kdelibs, but things like session management would
>> probably require linking to kdecore.
>> I can #ifdef the necessary code and make it a compile time option. This way
>> people who don't use KDE or do not wish to link to QT/KDE don't have to.
>What is KDE, KWM and QT ? and kdecore with kdelibs?

KDE is a popular free Unix desktop environment. It's default window manager,
KWM, contains a lot of extensions which I would like to add to AfterStep for
optional compilation and use. QT is the widget set that KDE uses, and has
caused some controversy because it is not (L)GPL but free for non-commercial
use and available in source code. Kdecore and kdelibs are the main KDE
libraries. These are LGPL but require QT to operate.

You can get more info. on KDE at   

>> I would like the AfterStep developers opinion on this. Is it
okay for me to >> proceed coding?
>We are in OpenSource, right? I think nobody can
>forbid you to code whatever you like :-)

I would much rather work in cooperation with the other AfterStep developers
than just hacking my own version.  

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