Re: 2 wharf ?

Doug Alcorn (
21 Sep 1998 11:34:34 -0400

"jeffe" <> writes:

> 2 : question : to do this , i must use 2 WHARF (one at left and one at right).
> is it impossible with only one wharf ??  (in AFTERSTEP 1.5b4)

Let me see if I understand the question correctly.  You have two
Wharfs.  One of them is full of swallowed applications, the other one
has folders on it.  You are looking for a way to combine these two
Wharfs into one.  You have a couple of options.  The easiest is to
have a folder on the one wharf that pops out that has all the
swallowed apps on it.

Another option is to have one of the swallowed apps be the button or
icon for a folder.  With this, the left mouse button opens the
folder.  So, the app that is on the button for the folder needs to be
able to operate without the left mouse clicks.  I have copied this
example from a post from Tomas Duewiger on 9/4:

> *Wharf ascd - Swallow "ascd" ascd &
> *Wharf ascd - Folders
> *Wharf asmixer -  Swallow "asmixer" asmixer -d /dev/mixer &
> *Wharf ~Folders

Obviously, you replace the asmixer line with a whole folder
structure.  BTW, I guess you know that the latest Wharf (I am not sure 
how far back this feature goes) supports nested folders.

As you question a little bit more specifically, and I am betting you
can do it with 1.5beta4.  The Wharf there is nearly ideal.
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