Re: Afterstep FTP site and AfterStep Classic 1.1 beta 2

Stephen Ma (
20 Sep 1998 15:45:55 -0700

Hello Bean,

The following message was bounced by the mailing list when I sent it a
few days ago.  I hope it goes through this time.

Stephen Ma


Hello Bean,

Reading back over my original message, I realize now that I probably
sounded a bit harsh.  That wasn't my intention at all; I apologize.
Serves me right for posting in a hurry during lunch hour.

As for the Afterstep FTP site, several people (including Ed Orcutt)
have told me that the site is almost officially in deep freeze right
now, pending a possible future move.

Accordingly, David Mihm has graciously offerred to host Classic, at
least until the new official FTP site is ready.  When I find out for
sure where the files will end up, I will post another announcement to
this list.

Bean, thanks for offering to mirror the files.  I encourage you to do

Regards to you all, and thanks for the help.
Stephen Ma

> Well, 
> 	I did get your message, and I am trying to figure out who IS
> actually maintaining the FTP portion. I am doing the WWW, but am unaware
> of where the FTP went, whether to Ed or still with Chris. If you'd like, I
> can have the Classic version on the WWW for download, but nobody will be
> able to ftp into the server to retrieve it (they'll just have to download
> it w/netscape or something). Let me know...
> 	-Bean
> On 16 Sep 1998, Stephen Ma wrote:
> > 
> > I wonder if anyone is still maintaining  I'm asking
> > this because some files I uploaded (AfterStepClassic-1.1beta2.*) have
> > been stuck in /incoming for several days.  I'd like to have them moved
> > to /pub/devel so people can start downloading.
> > 
> > Failing that, I'll try to get the files put up in the same place as
> > the AfterStep FAQ.  If I'm successful at this, I'll post another
> > announcement.
> > 
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